About Channa Construction


Personal Safety


None of our personnel is allowed to be involved in any physical fighting on site and any offenders are immediately removed from the site and their employement terminated forthwith.

Before the commencement of any work on our sites, we display all the necessary displays of Danger Signs fencing the site area and other safety measures o to bring awareness to the public of the works at the site where actual activities are taking place to keep off other workers and visitors.

All our sites maintain clean drinking water ( Water Taps ) and tidiness including toilets and rubbish bins are maintained at all our sites to avoid contamination.


Our site agents conduct recruitment of casuals and consideration criteria will be based on body fitness and healthiness in general. The site Agent supervisor conductcs Safety & House Keeping lectures for workers at least once per month and they are attended by a senior manager.

Smoking & Drinking

As a matter of personal safety for our workers, NO Smoking or Drinking is allowed on any of our sites and we ensure that all matchboxes and cigarettes are surrendered at the gate office as our personnel sign in on to a site.


For the security of our peronnel, equipment and the site all gates are manned by security personnel who are tasked with ensuring that all workers surrender their ID Cards, visitors identify themselves and sign in the visitors book. This will include the purpose of their visit and any vehicles and plant or machinery going into or out of the site.

Only visitors on official duty are allowed in to our sites and all visitors are provided with helmet or any protective safety wear as the case maybe. This ensures that any visitor to our sites is conscious of the general safety procedures required of a peroson within a general radius if the site.

There is also an OB Book for the recording of any incidents.