About Channa Construction


Protective Equipment

At Channa, we believe in Safety and our first line of defence in that respect is our personnel protective equipment. This basically consists of overalls, safety shoes, helmets, gloves, goggles, masks, safety harness, full-face visor, dust muffs, hearing protections amongst others.

Our protective equipment are worn by all our personnel on all sites and a First Aid Kit whose contents are in accordance to the Labour Laws is availed at sites. In addition, a Fire Extinguisher and enough pails of sand for immediate use in case of a fire outbreak are placed conspicuously at all sites.


Of particular note in our protective equipment is the Scafold which is used on all our sites while working at heights more than 2M. All our Scafolds are carefully assembled as required with all tag boards displayed ( safe for use, not use for use ) and they are all inspected before use.

In addition all Scafolds users are required to engage full harness safety belts, helmets, gloves, overalls, dustmask, goggles e.tc. for their personal safety with barrier stands and tapes clearly displayed.

We maintain a video clip courtesy of Kenya Shell Ltd. that demonstrates for all our staff the best procedures for scalfolding positioning, assemblage and usage procedures.

Fire Extinguisher

At all our sites, Fire Extinguishers are clearly displayed for easy access and we have trained all our staff on how to best utilise fire Extinguishers in case of a fire at any of our sites.

First Aid Kit

We maintain a fully stocked and fully functional First Aid Kit at all our sites and they are always inspected before and after taking them to the site . All our supervisors are professionally trained on First Aid and they provide professional First aid to any of our personnel on site in case of any injury.