About Channa Construction



"We have put into place proper Health , Safety, Security and environment Policy & Commitment ( HSSE ) Policy designed to not only ensure compliance with the Law and achieve continous improvement but most improtantly ensure the safety of our staff all of whom we consider as one big family. We strictly require all sub contractors to adhere to the same policy. "

Mandeep Channa
Operations Director

Safety is one of the most crucial elements of any project undertaken here at Channa Construction Ltd. We believe that a job is well done only if it is safely done. Be it the safety of our equipment or more importantly the safety of our staff, we take safety very seriously and go through rigorous measures to ensure total safety at all of our sites.

Towards this objective, we utilize well laid out measures and documentation including Shell Life Saving Rules,Consequence Mnagement Matrix amongst others.

In our efforts to fully maintain the safety of our personnel and adhere to our HSSE policy, we maintain a reporting system that records the details of operative hours, near misses, dangerous situations, minor mishaps, lost time, incidents and accidents.