About Channa Construction Ltd



N.S Channa

Managing Director

Although he wouldn't admit it or make such a claim, N.S Channa is one of the most influencial figures in Kenya's Construction industry. He is the founder of Channa Construction Ltd. and treats the company as his family. N.S Channa has a reputation of treating his staff as part of his family and his passion and drive have enabled this company to be what it is today. He has over 45 Years experience and he has ensured that all new staff get to be taken through the practical parts of the job before they are fully entrenched into the company.

Mandeep Channa

Finance/Administration Director

The Finance & Operations guy in the company,Mandeep is the driving force behind the company's new drive to technologial awareness. Mandeep is largely credited as the driving force behind the company's decision to embrace change in the form of technological advancement. With his extensive experience in Finace and Technology, Mandeep has made it his personal duty to ensure that Channa Construction Ltd is brought into the 21st Century in terms of technology in all it's operations.

Mnadeep is also tasked with handling the financial capabilities of the company by keeping track of all our debtors and ensuring that all payments due to the company are all paid on time while at the same time ensuring that the company has a good credit rating by making good on all our payments and ensuring that all payments that the company owes are made in good time.

Joan Kaloki

Administrative Assistant

Joan is our overall administrative assistant and is tasked with handling the overall administrative duties of the company by having an overall perspective of all parts of the company.

Darren Walsh

Sammy Abungana


Sammy is our handy Accountant and is tasked with keeping track of the companies financial health.

Margaret Waweru


Margaret is our customer service representative and is tasked with handling and taking care of all visitors to the company.

Evans Munubi

Store Keeper

Evans is our store keeper and is in charge of our Inventory Management